S orting through a billion letters every winter has become unsustainable at the North Pole. This season, Twilio is helping Santa better connect with kids of all ages.

To get started, we will need to ask you a few questions.

We promise that this information is only between you and the team at the north pole.
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Oh, so you are the type who wants to know more information before clicking a big red button?

Here's How it works


Information is submitted

We ask you to enter your phone number, email address and a good time to receive a call from “Santa’s helper”.

We promise that this information is only between you and the team at the north pole.


Your number is verified

You will receive a text message through Authy Phone Verification to make sure to have your phone handy.

We don’t want you to prank call your Aunt or Uncle after all.


You receive a call

A phone call is made by a Twilio app at the time you scheduled. You will want to make sure your child is around at this time.

A script is read using Twilio text-to-voice asking your child what they want for Christmas.


Santa receives the message

A recording of the conversation is automatically sent to the email address you provided.

You can forward the email with the link to the recording to other family members to share the fun! But, please remember, anyone who has the link to the recording can listen to or download the conversation (and forward the link to others) unless you ask us to delete the recording. For information on how to request deletion of the conversation from our servers, please see our privacy notice.

After the phone call, an MMS of the North pole is sent to the phone number using Programmable SMS.

So it’s not magic after all, it is just an API. But she doesn’t need to know that yet.